Climate Controlled

      • We conveniently offer climate-controlled storage units at our Crest Drive and HWY 11 (Elkhorn) facilities.
      • Please give us a call for availability.
      • Access to the climate-controlled units is limited to Monday thru Friday 10:00AM to 4:00PM and by appointment only.
      • Units maintain 60+ degrees at all times.
      • Crest Drive ONLY: All units are located on the second level of the warehouse with a 6′ wide staircase.
    • 7’x8′ @ Crest DriveĀ  (Lake Geneva) $110.00
      7’x11′ @ Crest Drive (Lake Geneva) $160.00
      9’x12′ @ Crest Drive (Lake Geneva) $170.00
      8’x12′ @ HWY 11 (Elkhorn) $160.00